CARF Consulting Service

In 2018, more insurance companies are requiring the CARF accreditation for drug and alcohol treatment facilities in order for a patient to be admitted. CARF accredited facilities stand above the competition because they get higher reimbursement rates, can admit more patients and have an easier time finding patients with quality insurance.

H&H Behavioral’s consultants have the experience, knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your CARF accreditation. Our staff understands how important a CARF accreditation is and we know how to simplify this complicated process to make sure you meet all the requirements and receive this critical accreditation.

We work with our clients on-site and remotely in order to help you achieve CARF accreditation and our 100% success rate gives you the peace of mind that, when the process is over, you’ll be CARF accredited and your facility will have taken a giant step towards immediate growth.

If you have failed a previous survey, we will work to correct these recommendations and, if this is your first survey, you’ll receive the proper preparation necessary to pass with flying colors. A second survey only costs you more money and we don’t believe in leaving anything to chance.

Satisfied Clients

We did extensive research on consulting companies and, after talking to Cullen and his team we decided to hire them to help us get our residential treatment center accredited. We were going for JCAHO and CARF and H&H was able to help us with both of our requests and we got them both! They were also able to help us redesign our website and logo and offered invaluable marketing assistance that has us at 100% capacity for the first time in 36 months! Matthew Wilson


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